Tips to Buy a Flat this Festival Season

Tips to Buy a Flat this Festival Season

With Navratri and Dussehra here again, people have finally found another reason to make investments. Considered an auspicious thing to do during such festivities, purchasing a homer a vehicle is certainly one of the top-most investments made by people along with purchasing gold.

The numerous offers and discounts definitely add to the cause of a rise in property investment. If you are on the lookout to purchase 2 BHK flats for sale in Mulund East at discounted rates this festive season, here’s what you need to keep in mind before jumping in to buy the flat:

1. Don’t compromise with quality for discounts

There is an inherent nature within each of us that jumps for joy at the prospect of discounts. So, imagine an unimaginable festive discount on property! Most are sure to make a purchase with the fear of missing out. However, many of these real estate developers try to use such opportunities to sell off low-quality flats to susceptible buyers who do not take the effort of finding out whether the developers are genuine.

2. Choose a dependable builder or project

When considering making an investment, make sure you choose a builder or project that is trustworthy. No matter how low the price of the property, the authenticity of the project can only be confirmed with transparent past dealings of the developer that you are aware of. Make an effort to research a little about the developer and check the reviews of people who have invested in their projects in the past.

3. Conduct a thorough research

Before you decide on investing in a flat that you feel is the most affordable you can get, make sure you research on possible options thoroughly. Money once invested cannot be gotten back without some loss no matter how much you regret your decision. Consider all possible options before you make your choice.

4. Ensure to find the accurate price of the property

Many a time, we forget to find out all the vital details regarding the price when confronted with the prospect of an unbelievable sale. No matter how attractive the offer, do find out the accurate price and the additional cost that you might have to incur with respect to registration and other charges.

These tips are sure to save you a great deal of regret in the future as well!


Rapidly Developing Areas In Mumbai

Developing Areas In Mumbai

When we think of Mumbai, most people consider the southern areas to be more developed in terms of standard of living and job opportunities. While this is true on most counts, the rise in the development of other suburbs in the city has given people more options to look at when looking for an investment option.

In recent years, a number of areas in Mumbai have seen a spike in the standard of living and the quality of facilities and amenities provided, making these areas top the list of potential suburbs to be considered high-end. Some of the areas include the following:

Chembur: In close proximity to both southern and central parts of Mumbai, Chembur has seen an increasing infrastructural development in the past years. The introduction of monorails and the proposal of upcoming metro-phase are further bonuses to living in this area apart from easy access to the best of the amenities and connectivity through SCLR.

Mulund: Mulund is one of the rare suburbs of Mumbai that is home to as much greenery as it is to residential and commercial properties. A perfect blend of nature and infrastructural development, the upcoming projects in Mulund East are worth the investment for those looking for residential spaces that are peaceful to live in. The proximity of the eastern express highway and the railway station makes it an even more appealing place to live in.

Ghodbunder Road: Once a lonely stretch of road, the bustling commercial properties in Ghodbunder Road have changed the way it is perceived. More and more people have shown an interest in the area both as a commercial and personal investment. Offering connectivity through the eastern and western express highway to other parts of the city increases its attraction for many. The low prices of properties in comparison to other developing areas also make it a great investment option.

Numerous other Mumbai suburb too are pacing fast to catch up to these rapidly developing areas with newer commercial projects and upcoming residential colonies that are self-sufficient and luxurious.

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